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Welcome to Super Jugglers!

Juggling their way to perfection is every parent’s dream! The path can never be right enough for an affectionate guardian, and that is where our story begins!

Super Jugglers is a one-stop platform, to share and discuss all facets of parenthood under a sound roof. Here you can communicate, socialise, share resources and ideas, collaborate and evolve!

Join us, to gain access to various events, activities, and like-minded conversations, and to become a part of a community of parents who are just as passionate as you are.

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Welcome to Super Jugglers
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Story Time

Yay! We have a new story. Tune in and watch how Barney travels the distances to meet his best friend Antella.
A story about the modes of transport. A story about a strong will and perseverance.

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Powering Through Parenting: Why You Shouldn't Lose Yourself in the Midst of Caring for Your Kids

Let’s face it— when we become parents, our focus quickly shifts from ourselves to our children. Raising good humans becomes the priority, and any parent knows that requires time, effort, and lots of genuine, unconditional love throughout the years........

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Molly Wright: How every child can thrive by five | TED

"What if I was to tell you that a game of peek-a-boo could change the world?" asks seven-year-old Molly Wright, one of the youngest-ever TED speakers. Breaking down the research-backed ways parents and caregivers can support children's healthy brain development, Wright highlights the benefits of play on lifelong learning, behavior and well-being, sharing effective strategies to help all kids thrive by the age of five.

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